Admission into our Pre-School and Primary Classes for the 2023/2024 Academic Session is in progress!

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Our specially created classes for infant and nursery learners from age 1 - 5 years with focus on literacy and social awareness.

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Primary School

Our primary school develops the science, numeracy, literacy, moral, arts and social knowledge base of our pupils.

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Why Study at EKMS

What our Students Say?

Akinola Emmanuel

Alumni, EKMS

One of the things I enjoyed doing most was getting ready for school, because there is always something new to look out for even as I am writing this. They are memories I will forever appreciate.

Olunlade Eniola

Alumni, EKMS

I have improved not just academically but also morally, socially, spiritually and in all ramifications of life. The experiences I have gotten at EKMS are what I will always cherish.

Akintayo Ezekiel

Alumni, EKMS

I could remember I came into the school as a shy person but within few weeks of my stay in the school, I became so bold that I'm no longer afraid of facing the crowd.

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Our Latest Events

Leadership Training for Graduating Pupils

Venue: Lagos

All graduating pupils participate in a One-Day Leadership Training to prepare them for leading in High School

Excursion to Airport,2019

Venue : NAF Airport, Ikeja

A field trip to the NAF airrport to ensure learners have real-life connection with transportation by air.

School Election 2018/2019

Venue : EKMS

We prepare our learners for future National leadership positions by giving them first hand practical leadership opportunities.

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